Living Together. About Bees and Mankind

Author: Petra Bole

Containing beautiful colour photographs by Ivan Esenko and Miran Kambič, the book ‘Living Together. About Bees and Mankind’ tells the story of the connection between bees and mankind with an easily understandable text and from a completely new point of view. The author, Dr. Petra Bole, offers a wonderful insight into the kingdom of bees, of which mankind is also a part. The attractive format of the book depicts the various forms of connection that arise between bees, people, nature and art. A love of bees has a long tradition in Slovenia, and the exceptional beekeeping heritage presented in the book is preserved in the Museum of Apiculture in Radovljica.

The new permanent exhibition Living together. About Bees and Mankind was opened on the World Bee Day, 2021 at the Museum of Apiculture.