The Body








I explored the understanding of phenomenological perception of body and space in the context of the presence of art and artistic jewellery that arise from philosophical thoughts of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, who wrote about duality between man and the world. I also explored the discourse of re-constituted body of Jean-Luc Nancy, where the skin acts as a place of departure and deferrals. Phenomenological study of the body, its movement, transfer and modification is used to render, attach, detach and obstruction of artistic jewellery into / on the body within the context of physical and social environment. These are the stories about the woman body, which lead us to understand the decoration, denomination, misappropriation, confusion and exhaustion of adornment.

We perceived our body different such us others bodies, body is not perceived as the body, and the gap already exists, where we look at others bodies but we never seen ours in whole or without mirrors. Sometimes the object can be remote and may disappear from our space of perception, while the body is still present, although it is never really seen in its entirety. In contrast to this debate jewellery never leaves the centre of the body, although it can be said that a decoration such as jewellery may disappear from our sphere of perception because we couldn’t see our body.

Photo: Miran Kambič