New Traditional Jewellery

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The theme of this fifth edition of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) 2012 is ‘NEW NOMADS’. From over 300 entries from all parts of the world – more than 35 countries –  the jury has selected not only the entries for the exhibition, but also five winners.

Something feminine may be ascribed to many pieces of jewellery which were submitted and many are compositions of fragments. However, among the winning designs there are some explicitly masculine pieces. They are striking because their forms are honest, direct, powerful and basic; clear statements, each one of them.

It would have been hard to come up with a more topical theme than ‘New Nomads’. Great masses of people flee from natural disasters, wars and the financial crisis in Europe. Careers are becoming more and more international, holidays take us further afield than ever before. We choose our own spiritual road, so there is also an inner journey. Throughout history people have carried their valuables with them on their bodies – when they are fleeing or moving or are on a quest for a better future or a better ‘I’. As is still the case in nomadic tribes today, jewellery stands for economic and social status.

BRIDGE  The biennial international design contest for jewellery designers builds a bridge between artists and browsers/buyers, and between tradition and the present. For each edition of NTJ a theme is selected, based on historic (and disappearing) jewellery traditions.  Participants are challenged to find new, contemporary forms of expression for old symbol bearers.

CONCEPT of Mother’s and Father’s Breath: “New nomads are traveling in different countries and cultures. Sometimes they forget where they came from. They need something that reminds them who they are. If I should become a nomad I would certainly would like to have something to feel close to my family, so I save my father’s and mother’s breath. In hard times my parent’s breath would help me and also give me the opportunity to return home to catch a fresh breath. Of course this breath could also be from someone else we love.”