Jewellery Conference Kolding Denmark

kolding1Design represents a central form of cultural communication. Today, practical and functional needs are often put aside in favour of other values. This is for example the case with memory design produced by firms such as the Italian design firm Alessi. When designers from Alessi create their products, they are usually inspired by cultural forms, often specifically by the concept of memory in philosophy, sociology and psychology. The concept of memory is valued because it adds a cultural dimension to design objects, enabling the objects to make an identity-forming impact.

In Italy, there has been a long tradition in schools of design and architecture of focusing on the humanities, making culture and memory issues an essential part of the education. Traditionally, Danish design has focused on form and function with frequent references to the forms of Nature. The question is if the concept of memory also plays a role in Danish design. Whereas memory is used deliberately in Italian design, it is perhaps manifested more intuitively as a non-culturally generated memory in Danish design, a memory which is founded in the organic, in nature metaphors.

The purpose of this conference is to bring memory in design in theory and practice into focus. Participation of designers, theorists and firms with different approaches to design will create an exciting forum for an exchange of opinions concerning the use of memory in general and more specifically the use of memory in design. Thematic differences and similarities between Italian and Danish design and design thinking will be discussed.

The conference, which features several prominent and internationally acclaimed keynote speakers and participants, has already received much attention. Among the keynote speakers are Professor Alba Cappellieri (topic: memory in theory and practice), Professor Howard Caygill, Professor Of Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University, Jewellery Designer Kim Buck (topic: memory in practice), and Professor, dr.phil Dorthe Jørgensen, Department of Culture and Society Department of the History Ideas who together with PhD student at Kolding School of Design, Sisse Tanderup, will debate how memory can have form and meaning. Danish design is represented by designers from Georg Jensen (Kim Buck) and Pandora (Lone Frandsen and Lisbeth Larsen).
Organized by Sisse Tanderup and Kolding School of Ddesign