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Filo Rosso 2012
III Biennale Internazionale Gioiello Contemporaneo

Museo d’arte Moderna «Ugo Carà» – Muggia, Trieste
12.12. 2012 -13.01.2013

The third edition of FiloRosso wants to be a new opportunity to create both jewellery and meetings.
So often tied to the fate, the red wire wants, more than ever, forge links between the power of invention, the research and a new – fashioned language of the greatest number of artists who express themselves through the creation of contemporary jewellery. Jewellery often talk through the unusual materials and the different approaches used. It takes advantage of metals and materials, showing us a new way to tell stories of everyday life and tales which allow us to daydream. The «preciousness» is not only the real value of the materials used to create these objects, but also serves to give them off a special aura and convey feelings and a sense of opulence not ever detectable to the human eye. As in previous editions, the fabric will be the common element – the red thread – in these jewels, the hyphen which allows each artist a new search, a new limit to be exceeded, a new world to discover.

Curator: Isabella Bembo