11. International Symposium of Ceramic Art

11. International Symposium of Ceramic Art was organized by Barba and Niko Štembergar (Institute V-oglje) who are the experts in clay. The clay, being a natural material, gives us the possibility to remain in symbiosis with nature and to express our thoughts and intentions, to show in a unique way the real world and the fantasy world with different approaches of art. Institute V-oglje invites established artists to the symposium – ceramists, potters and painters – who use clay as an art medium. In the 14 days of the symposium each artist has to create some works and prepare a presentation or a lecture at the Šenčur museum. One work by each artist remains at the permanent collection of art ceramics at the Šenčur museum, that is the only of it’s kind in Slovenia. Each artist can only participate at the symposium twice as a way of ensuring diversity of the permanent collection.

This year participatns were: Tjok Dessauvage (Belgium), Daniele Hénaf (Belgium), Martin Mindermann (Germany), Sergei E. Anufriev (Russia), Nikolaj Mašukov (Russia/Slovenia), Hainz Theis (Germany), Niko Zupan and Barba Štembergar Zupan,
The guests were: Kristina Rutar, Nika Stupica, Taja Lojk, Sapana Gandharb, Jasminka Ćišić, Petra Bole, Andreja Gregorič and Tilyen Mucik (photography).

Material: wood, porcelain, paint, silver, goldplated silver

Foto: Tilyen Mucik